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A goof is a unreliable unloyal person even to their closest friend. they lie, cheat, molest, snitch, dont repay depts. Mainly as low as a person gets.
Mike - Yo bill just robbed his mom
Shawn - Yeah that guys a goof

Paul - Steve just ratted me out.
Josh - What a goof!
by BeauDawg August 07, 2010
To engage in any behavior on the spectrum of flirtatious to downright sexual, especially in a work environment.
Lisa the nine year old camper told me that she saw two of her counselors goofing on the stairs on their way to do traffic duty yesterday.
by wonderjew July 27, 2010
A definition to define a person that acts or looks like a complete ass or is a weirdo.
Tj: Wow Look at Tyler Hansborough!! Hes the best!!

Rick:No tj hes a goof
by Peanutskid3552 April 07, 2009
Old English word for a freak or side show performer, i.e. a person who would bite the heads off of animals as public entertainment. More recently used a highly offensive prison and urban slang word translating into 'pedophile' or 'sexual deviant'. Offending 'goofs' are isolated in prison and outcasts in public for fears of being assualted or killed. This would be in a criminology context however. 'Goof' can be used as a harmless noun or verb if the intention of the underground meaning of the word is unknown i.e 'stop goofing around'. In most inner cities in the United States and Canada the word 'goof' would be interpreted as a serious insult i.e. 'fighting words'.
Ted Bundy was killed because he was a goof

Ted is a goof

Fuck you goof

by TheEndgameIsNow January 31, 2008
a very attractive and cute girl which you enjoy looking at even if you dont have anything to say.
hey ya goof(;
by spuffymusic May 08, 2011
To perform a demeaning act or to fuck someone up real bad.
1)That car in the ditch got goofed
2)I just fucking goofed that kid while playing halo 3!!!!!
3)I just goofed on your moms face!!
by MIKE ROTUM January 25, 2009
It's a acronym used in prisons. It means Good Only On Friday. Way back when on fridays in the joint, shipments/mail would come on a friday. The prisoner who was good for nothing else would be good only on friday, when they had new smokes, or gifts, or whatever. You'd then procceed to beat them up and take their shit.
Tomorrow we hammer on Craig that Goof.
by Cj00 April 03, 2008