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The night before the first hangover of a new calendar year.
One is feeling rather queasy: it was New Year's Eve last night.
by Achilles January 02, 2004
goof Slang. noun
1. An incompetent, foolish, or stupid
2. A careless mistake; a slip.

goofed, goofing, goofs verb, intransitive
1. To make a silly mistake;
2. To waste or kill time.

verb, transitive
To spoil, as through clumsiness;
bungle: goof up a job.
why do you goof around all the time?
by Achilles March 17, 2004
plural loos
Its Chiefly British.
A toilet.
loo time!
by Achilles March 11, 2004
Former Olympic champion, immensely talented and modest individual, most noted for his impressive physique and athletic prowess, often mistaken for brad pitt, though this is undoubtedly because he was Brad's body double in the cinematic extravaganza 'Troy'.
"Hey is that Brad Pitt?"
"No its Chaz!"
"Jeez, i just can't tell those two guys apart!"
by achilles January 13, 2005
Grenade Launcher

this is originated from the game FarCry. If you use the GL your a n00b.
OMFG leave you GL n00b!!
by Achilles April 07, 2005

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