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the snack that smiles back
these things are really addicting
by ilovegoldfish June 23, 2005
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Someone with an extremely short memory, or one who is extremely absentminded.

Derives from the evolutionary defense mechanism of the American Goldfish in order to stave off insanity due to boredom: "wow look at that pretty plastic tree"... "wow look at that pretty plastic tree"... "wow look at that pretty plastic tree"
"Damn...That Sue never learns... She just does the same dumb shit over and over again like a goldfish."
#forgetful #absentminded #airheaded #careless #oblivious
by SueLowe October 09, 2005
A pet that doesn't do anything.
My goldfish was named Snappy.
#gold #fish #crackers #animals #easy
by Angelacia March 08, 2008
Great crackers from Peppridge farms. They're baked, not fried, come in different varieties, and smile back. Try mixing them up all in one bag.
Hmm... pretzel, pizza, cheddar, and color goldfish mixed in one bag.
#crackers #peppridge farms #snack #food #variety
by Sean Ryan March 19, 2006
Someone with a memory of 7 seconds or less, as defined by the legendary Monty Python.
Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!
Goldfish 2: What's a castle?
Goldfish 1: I don't know, why d'you ask?
Goldfish 2: Ask what?
Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!
#birdbrain #clueless #idiot #amnesiac #frank bruno
by Jennicam January 20, 2009
A vagina with a yeast infection
That bitch been eating Goldfish
#vagina #goldfish #crackers #yeast #shit
by Chris Crutcher September 09, 2012
1. A cheesy cracker shaped like a fish. It tends to smile back.
2. A person who is very forgetful or seems to have no memory at all.
3. A person who wears glasses that make their eyes look huge. Much like a goldfish's.
1. Michael: What are those cheesy snacks that always smile?
Brian: You mean goldfish?
Michael: Yeah!

2. Amy: Did you finish your homework last night?
Sarah: ...I don't know...What'd you ask me?

3. Nina: You see Rachel's glasses?
Emily: Yeah, now she's a goldfish.
#snack #food #forgetful #big eyed #no thought
by TKumi March 25, 2008
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