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A game confused to be "Go Fish" by many when in actuality it is indeed "Gold Fish"; the popular children's card game that can be played with 2-10 players. :]
Stephanie: Let's play GOLD FISH!!!
Joel: Isn't it GO FISH?
Stephanie: NO its GOLD FISH!
Joel: Oh ok. :]
by Joel! April 11, 2007
A reference or equivelant to cocain/crack and or assortment of date rape drugs
"That nigga ED spilt all her goldfish in her computor room"
"That nigga ED swears she will quit the goldfish right after this fix"
"That nigga ED will only take goldfish in its purest form"
by TFean March 30, 2006
the useless, no good for nothing, lazy, loud music playing and just all around annoying peolpe in our society today. as useless as a goldfish. mostly pertaining to those of the african american race that think they are the illest homie around. iller than 50 cent.
"Hey Bob, that damn golfish never does any work." "I know fred, I'd like to feed him to my pirahnas as food."
by rod May 08, 2003
a vagina during the act of urination. Smelling of fish yet looking oh so golden.
When i walked in on Stacy in the bathroom i saw her nasty goldfish.
by argo 5 April 29, 2003