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aiden a small primitiv fish (aiden) the goled fish
aiden the gold fish is a fish fond in small man made ponds
by aiden the gold fish January 31, 2008
14 14
the girl/guy who has a significant other, but its not important because they have that magical something that makes you disregard that obstacle.
Guy: "We should go on a date."

Girl: "I have a boyfriend."
Guy: "Well I have a goldfish."
Girl: "What?"
Guy: "I'm sorry I thought we were talking about things that don't matter."
Friend: "Who are you texting?"
Friend 2: "Goldfish."
Friend: "Doesn't she have a boyfriend?"

Friend 2: "Exactly."
by Atilla the Hans September 16, 2013
0 1
One who grows to fit their container
Like if you move into a new house, and you buy crap to fill all the rooms -- you're a goldfish. Totally.
by goldfish_enthusiast July 12, 2011
8 9
To eat so much food that you get sick or feel close to death.
"Dude, get these chocolate raisins away from me or else I'm going to goldfish myself".

"Smoking weed always puts me in the mood to goldfish myself".
by Kevin Cold as Ice October 01, 2009
2 3
to eat alot or all of something just because it's there. Refers to what happens when you put too much fish food into the fish bowl - the gold fish will eat until it dies.
I had to step away from the buffet table before I goldfished all the mini hotdogs.
by redpenqueen May 30, 2012
0 2
The greatest man made food(well it's machine made but whatever) that ever journyed to this world. they are made of love and pussyjuice(this makes them taste extra good)
goldfish are cheese and flavor blasted crackers.
by john habostada June 11, 2008
10 13
A person or experience that was supposed to be way better than it actually was; a disappointment; something or someone who didn't measure up to reasonable expectations; not a whale
A-"We should have a shamoo riding contest!"
B-"I bet you'd be good at that."
A-"I've never ridden a whale before!"
B-"Oh yeah you've only ridden boys."
A-"No more like I've only ridden Goldfish, I mean compared to a whale..."
by Oh Geeze September 15, 2008
1 5