To practice a drill or to play against a very easy opponent, so easy you might as well be playing against nobody at all.
"Wow, Corey just got 300 passing yards in that game against Miami!"
"Yeah, but Miami can't defend a passing game to save their lives. He was just goldfishing out there"
by J. Raja September 04, 2005
The greatest man made food(well it's machine made but whatever) that ever journyed to this world. they are made of love and pussyjuice(this makes them taste extra good)
goldfish are cheese and flavor blasted crackers.
#goldfish #gold fish #crackers #runescape #dick
by john habostada June 11, 2008
A person or experience that was supposed to be way better than it actually was; a disappointment; something or someone who didn't measure up to reasonable expectations; not a whale
A-"We should have a shamoo riding contest!"
B-"I bet you'd be good at that."
A-"I've never ridden a whale before!"
B-"Oh yeah you've only ridden boys."
A-"No more like I've only ridden Goldfish, I mean compared to a whale..."
#whale #disappointment #fish #bad #icky
by Oh Geeze September 15, 2008
a ahwsomely horny good snack
one nite me and my friend were having sex and we ate goldfish all over our bodys
#sex #goldfish #bodys #hunny #bunny
by nikki hunny bunny March 29, 2008
When a guy bites a girls nipples and it gives her sexual stimulation.
Girl: Give me goldfish
#sex #gold #fish #orgasm #horny
by sexyboo August 29, 2010
Ay-yup.Pepperidge farms.You should put it in a bucket.
Goldfish,the snack that smiles back.
by Don't go down that road. September 01, 2005
The most useless animal that has completely no purpose.
God was high when he made it.
Goldfishes dont do SHIT!
#useless #fish #goldfish #boring #animal
by Georgioz December 12, 2009
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