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a ahwsomely horny good snack
one nite me and my friend were having sex and we ate goldfish all over our bodys
by nikki hunny bunny March 29, 2008
To practice a drill or to play against a very easy opponent, so easy you might as well be playing against nobody at all.
"Wow, Corey just got 300 passing yards in that game against Miami!"
"Yeah, but Miami can't defend a passing game to save their lives. He was just goldfishing out there"
by J. Raja September 04, 2005
When a guy bites a girls nipples and it gives her sexual stimulation.
Girl: Give me goldfish
by sexyboo August 29, 2010
The most useless animal that has completely no purpose.
God was high when he made it.
Goldfishes dont do SHIT!
by Georgioz December 12, 2009
Ay-yup.Pepperidge farms.You should put it in a bucket.
Goldfish,the snack that smiles back.
by Don't go down that road. September 01, 2005
A spontaneous erection of the male penis, usually the result of something completely non-sequitur, such as thinking about goldfish.
So I was at the downtown aquarium and all of a sudden I popped a goldfish. Mom kept looking at me funny.
by Zee January 24, 2005
A word that is exclaimed by others when somebody forgets what they were going to say. Word originated from the goldfish, who have short-term memory
Teacher: Does anyone know the answer?
Mark: I do!
Teacher: What is it?
Mark: It's.. uh.. umm....
Jim & Bob: Goldfish!
by nietokid December 11, 2006