Its a first class last name not many like it but its the best. Goffs are unstoppable. Good in nearly everything.
Bro I wish my last name was Goff
by Kid Kuzoo April 08, 2010
A Derogetory term for someone who doesn't not wear a tracksuit.
''Ey Stevo, look at that Goff Dick'ed Over there''

''ooh im wearin jeans n t-shirt.. im like proper goff today me''
by Monkehhhh April 28, 2006
The term used by chavs, and neds to describe basically anyone who isn't a clone of them, anyone who dresses different to them, anyone who listens to different music than them. By calling people a "goff" and trying to offend them, the only thing that they prove is how stupid they are, by clearly not knowing what an actual Goth is.

"HawHawHawww ya pyooor bas.. that lassie is like pure wearin goff shoes"


They use the term "goff shoes" for converse,vans,DCs, basically anything which isn't one of their favouritised makes, e.g. Adidas,nike,lacoste.
Atleast "Goffs" have better shoe taste.
by [Dani] February 21, 2008
1. Wrong pronounciation of "goth"
2. Word used to describe Miles Wu by spoilt Winchester College public school boys
1. Goff is is a shpakin pronounciation
2. Miles Wu is a Pu
by Kurt von Krab March 13, 2004
Someone wearing black clothes and/or eyeliner.
Chav: Hey, look at that girl! She's wearing a black shirt! GOFF!!!
by Lace April 25, 2004
"Good Old Fashioned Fun"
doing childish things like playing at a park or going to a movie or just sitting outside. Usually done while under the influence of marijuana or alcohol.
Marsh: Hey man, wanna have some G.O.F.F. today?
Lonnie: Yeah dude, we should have some G.O.F.F. at the park by playing some whiffle ball.
by Fundue May 05, 2008
Goff is a filler word. (Get & Off) put together.
You on my dick? Goff that shit!
by twizzy May 12, 2014
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