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1)Obviously, a reference to the Wu-Tang Clan, a hip hop group from Staten Island, comprised of the Rza, Gza, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Masta Killer, ODB (RIP), Method Man, Inspectah Deck, and U-God.

2)Also, where I'm from, a blunt laced with coke (NOT crack). Gives a speedy high.
1)Wu was the shit in the middle to late 90's.

2)Yo, you ready to spark that wu?
by A. Ragman May 10, 2005
Ummm...Wu Tang Clan
Not any of the other unurban bullshit that other people have posted.
Meth is a member of The Wu.
by Diego November 13, 2003
The ability to do something better than someone else. Short for Wu Tang secret.
"Think you can do better? Show me your wu."
"Q: How the heck did you do that? A: Cause I got the wu."
by SoNotFunny March 24, 2010
wu, aka wu banger, is a blunt wit crack rocks in it, a dieablo is a blunt wit coke in it, "But it was just a dream for the teen, who was a fiend, Started smokin wu's at sixteen
And running up in gates, and doing hits for high stakes
Making my way on fire escapes
No question I would speed, for cracks and weed
The combination made my eyes bleed" raekwon from the wu tang clan "cream"
light up that wu my g.
by matt buxx February 09, 2010
what you call someone when you are angry and in a controlling mood...or what you call someone when you want to get slapped.
Mom: Wu!!!! get yo ass up here and do your Biology and Chemistry.

Daughter: *laughs*

Boy: Wu!!!!!
Girl: *Slaps the boy really hard*
Boy: *Smiles* ow
by JT Santiago November 29, 2011
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