1. A type of person who enjoys "getting off" young girls, hence, G-Off.
2. A type of body odor that can knock out a rhyno. As you guessed, this may be a turn off to the girls; hence, G-Off.
"Hide your little sister, I smell a G-Off!"
by Jan Itor December 06, 2007
To orgasm at random, or in mid-conversation
Ryan: "so how's your day?"

John: "Oh, it was okay, I got to... AHHH! I just goffed."
by Almosttacky December 06, 2013
To perform an awful swing or land the ball WAY in the rough while playing the game of golf.

To be terrible at the game of golf.
Wow, you really Goffed the heck out of that ball. It's almost in the bunker... of a different hole.

This guy really plays golf like a Goff.
by Ukurugenzi February 04, 2010
To take advantage of someone's trust or good will to get ahead, particularly an unsuspecting friend.
"Did Stan give you a good deal on his old truck or did you get goffed?"

"When the going gets tough, the tough get goffing."
by goffed June 24, 2009
Noun or Verb
Goff or derivatives of the word "goff" can be used to substitute most words. The word comes from when someone mispronounced "golf" and "goff" was realized to take the place of so much more than just golf.
Helen: "So, I'm going with Vern to play goff today."

Jenaynay: "I have had a terrible goff for like a week."
Sanja: "That sucks goff."

Andi: "What the goff?! I just goffed GOFFED! Goff that!"
by Aslan and Lucy December 03, 2007
Go and fuckoff!
Just fuckoff!
Seriously, will you goff!
d'image of fuckoff.
'Joe just goff, i'm not getting into that arseless pvc thong! I know Andy does it but i'm not!'

'Kennerney, it's your round.'
'It is not, GOFF!'
by bigmuff May 17, 2008
A Big Hairy Man:)
oh man, thts hott goff
by ilybabez September 05, 2009

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