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4 definitions by whuffie

1.A small fiendish creature with jutting incisors and a receding hairline that typically dwells in sewage pipes.

2. An amphibious troll.
Tom was surprised by the fierce bite delivered by the small ghoulie as he sat down on the toilet.
by whuffie September 27, 2005
A small mythical cherrub with an extremely short lifespan who prances about uncontrollably until its demise.
Tommy was unstoppable on the dance floor as he fluttered around like a goffwick.
by whuffie September 27, 2005
1. A noun that describes any maniacal creature related to a wolf.

2. A ghoul.

3. A moron who cannot properly pronounce the word wolf.
My English professors thick side burns and gnarled teeth give him the appearance of a whuff.
by whuffie September 27, 2005
A noun substitute for the word "golf" used by tongue twisted moosh heads who cannot speak proper English.
As Mike suggested that we play a round of "goff", we all laughed at his eggregious mispronunciation.
by whuffie September 27, 2005