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What you see when you walk behind a fat chavette wearing a crop top and low slung jeans. Huge rolls of fat will ooze out from all sides; the roll that comes just above her thong is called backfat. It's disgusting, but these girls think they look so good.
Person #1: LOL at the look on the guy behind Mosh Girl's face!
Person #2: He's probably horrified at the sight of all that backfat!
by Lace March 07, 2006
Someone wearing black clothes and/or eyeliner.
Chav: Hey, look at that girl! She's wearing a black shirt! GOFF!!!
by Lace April 25, 2004
A word that explains your sirty slippery keys yes you Illusion
You sirty slapper you swapped my sirty keys and made me feel ever so funky
by Lace May 06, 2004
Yet another way for ignorant asses to insult ppl wearing black.
Idiot: Oooh!!! Goffik!!!
Girl wearing black Poison t-shirt: Oh, grow up.
by Lace April 26, 2004

~Never use in So Cal~
im hella retarded!
by lace December 02, 2003

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