To me this has two meanings.

1) Goff - someone who presumes they are a "goth" just because they listen to Marilyn Manson and/or "mainstream" goth crap. --- Normally laughed at by (see definition 2)...

2) Goff - (aka g0ff) - Someone who realises the general stupidity and hilariousness of the modern day goth scene and yet still listens to "proper" goth music (e.g. The Sisters Of Mercy, Bauhaus, etc.) but at the same time tries their hardest not to be associated with "goth" because they see how funny/stupid all the goths look.
Definition 1:

"I listen to Marilyn Manson / My Chemical Romance / Bullet For My Valentine (etc). I'm a goth!"


Definition 2:

Person 1: "Lets go to Camden to laugh at all the goffs.
Person 2: "OK. but before that, lets listen to this new Sisters bootleg I got."
Person 1: "OK, but keep in mind, the Sisters aren't goth, and neither are we."
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A word used to describe people who think they are gothic. Often just silly little children trying to rebel against something. These losers may also convince themselves they are vampires and need blood.
"OMG, Im so gothic, i wear nu-rocks and hate my parents and want to die while listening to The Rasmus, no-one understands me, boohoo"

"I need blood NOW and if you dont believe me its just cos you don't understand. Nobody understands"
by evilbint April 12, 2005
GET THE FUCK OFF THE COMPUTER get off the computer! (go off)
jimmy:get off the computer please!

karl:just a sec


karl:fuck you

jimmy:goff goff goff goff goff goff

#go'ff #nigger #goff #wigger #fuk #computer
by Tookinoff September 24, 2006
noun. A very passive agressive person who manipulates situations to make themselves look like the victim when they are, in fact, the instigator.

verb. To 'goff' someone is to be a goff (n) towards them, i.e. to make them the target of passive agressive activity.
noun. You're going to post anonymous insults on Livejournal? Don't be such a goff!

verb. After Jane dumped Michael, she totally goffed him by telling everyone he'd left her.
by Sarah Keebs August 03, 2005
A noun substitute for the word "golf" used by tongue twisted moosh heads who cannot speak proper English.
As Mike suggested that we play a round of "goff", we all laughed at his eggregious mispronunciation.
#golf #wolf #shelf #rudolph #alf
by whuffie September 27, 2005
the eternal flame. this flame is contained normally on the body. In most cases this would be the head of a dude with red hair. These people are normally in addition to having goffs, wierd ass mofos.
Kid 1- Is that kid for real.
Kid 2- give him a break, hes a goff.
by Harry wang February 18, 2005
Another way to pronounce the word goth. Used to make the word seem more new. Quirky, unusual people do it.
I am not a goth as you say. I...I am a goff. Mwhahahaha!
by mandi November 28, 2003
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