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someone's outfit, usually directed to a good looking hizzy.
(whispers)yo, check out that get up on skeezah.
by waudi c. wilkins August 05, 2003
264 72
another way to say hang out or chill
hey you wanna get up later
by tenacious February 16, 2005
288 97
1. One's apparel or outfit; clothing
2. One's style of dress
"Dude, what's with the getup?"
"The poly-cotton sweater vest? My aunt gave it to me for Christmas."

"Hey Don, what's with the cowboy getup?"
by cookie August 27, 2004
81 11
The act of writing graffiti.
Im going to get up on that wall tonight.
by Tiari October 08, 2006
112 85
Become rich or make money
I gotta sling dope so I can get up
by JuniorJJ May 25, 2013
12 3
basically the same thing as get down since one must get up to get down. Specifically implies to get up on the dance floor and get down.
Usually associated with James Brown...see usage
Get up! Get on Up! Stay on the scene, like a sex machine.
by Dj DSL October 10, 2004
51 68
to be under the inlfluence of marijuana
'Yo I'm so up yo ' or
'when we finna get up? I just copped two dimes'
by Sincere February 19, 2004
52 76