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some one whos slow when it comes to jokes
it takes him a while to get a joke.

tube lights flash 3-4 times before they go on.

a slow person blinks 3 - 4 times before getting a funny joke and then laughs
maaan ur such a fuckin tube light
i hate tellin jokes to tube lights
your a tube light, ass hole
you killed the joke tube light
by Sincere February 28, 2005
the same as a sleepover except it is with a romantic or sexual partner whose parents make them sleep in separate bedrooms, requiring one to sneak out of their current room to their partner's.
"My parents will make us sleep in different rooms, but we can have a late night sneakover."
by sincere January 28, 2015
to shoot some one with a gun
what happen there...it looks like some one got plugged
by Sincere February 27, 2005
Meet me in TO
TO is T-dot which is Toronto

mmto is a website where people get to meet new people and chat.
hay i think i seen u on mmto.
yes i do have mmto
whats ur mmto
sexy_babe_51, msg me some day.
by Sincere February 28, 2005
to be under the inlfluence of marijuana
'Yo I'm so up yo ' or
'when we finna get up? I just copped two dimes'
by Sincere February 19, 2004
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