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A set of symbols derived from the hands; usually affiliated with a certain gang.
I was stackin to rep SS on these fools.
by Tiari October 08, 2006
To successfully accomplish a special trick which requires some sort of physical skill or action; esp in skateboarding
Naw man, i could'nt stick it.
by Tiari October 08, 2006
A short trip or adventure which involves the smoking of marijuana as the primary basis or reason of the occurance.
person one: I'm going on a spadoofy, would you like to join me?
person two: Yes (or, "OK")
by Tiari October 08, 2006
When in the air, esp on a skateboard or snowboard, a feat in which the legs are jutted forward and the board which is being ridden is held onto by the back arm and hand.
I boned that 360.
I am going to bone it as i reach the peak of my ascent.
by Tiari October 08, 2006
An abreviation for "cry more noob". when said very rapidly, beyond most peoples ability, it may simply sound like so, "crmnb". cra-mu-nub
Him/her #1: Why dont i get to roll on that?
Him/her #2: Crmnb
by Tiari October 08, 2006
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