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(n) One who enjoys female genitalia that is unshaved and has a distinct odor.

(alt) One who gains sexual fetish enjoyment from women's bicycle seats, through auto-erotic rubbing or sniffing.
Why has he been following that woman? He's a furf, that's why!
by froze2death January 04, 2005
31 24
Fuck ur Face
Hey, furf, douchebag.
by Macleod1012 February 01, 2011
36 6
furf - to push your meal scraps including utensils in front of another person in disgust.
When eating at a restaurant (Swiss Chalet) and you finish eating your meal, you realize you're disgusted at having this plate of dirty utensils, bones, and gristle sitting in front of you.

To alleviate this burden you push the mess to a position in front of someone else, thereby pulling a FURF.
by joe hindler April 19, 2009
25 15
1. (n) a shining example of pure masculinty;
"Holy shit! He just kicked that pirate's in the teeth. He's a real furf."
by furfinator October 15, 2006
25 21
The bone on the human wrist which sticks out from the body. Known as the pisiform bone in medical circles.
It hurt when I hit my furf against that table!
by Jstraw February 02, 2008
10 11
a female genital that is unshaved and has a distinct odor
Do you smell that? That chick in the mini-skirt has a FURF under there
by Sniffin_glue4jesus December 27, 2004
22 23