A moderately to very attractive man who goes after women weighing at least double his weight. When confronted by his friends about this odd fetish he makes the claim that she "has a nice personality."
Did you see the girl he is hitting on? She looks like a lineman from the Cincinnati Bengals! Good ol' Gristle, he truly has no shame.
by CrackDANCE February 24, 2011
gristle a word referring to the male genitalia
used in such phrases as "you can chew my gristle" i.e. "if you think I'm doing that, you can suck my cock".
by Mel Howells September 11, 2006
'The bit of skin between your testicles and anus'
"Excuse me colin, would you please scratch my gristle?"
by Gristle January 05, 2007
To steal something from a partner during a sexual encounter.
We were going hot and heavy until she tried to gristle me for my wallet while giving head!
by Dokusentia February 21, 2006
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