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1. A word to describe a hermaphrodite (an organism having both male and female genitalia characteristics which are simultaneously present; typically not fully developed, and vestigial in appearance).

2. The definition above, used as an expletive.
"I had a difficult time discerning whether Chris was a guy or a gal. Later, I discovered Chris was actually a morphidite".

"You morphidite!"
by froze2death February 18, 2005
(n) a slang term for a Latina lesbian.

(alt) a small-town rock group in N. California during the late 1970's.
1) Quiere usted un lesbano? (Would you like a lesbian?)

2)Mike Lawson's Second Lesbano Band
by froze2death January 06, 2005
(n) One who enjoys female genitalia that is unshaved and has a distinct odor.

(alt) One who gains sexual fetish enjoyment from women's bicycle seats, through auto-erotic rubbing or sniffing.
Why has he been following that woman? He's a furf, that's why!
by froze2death January 04, 2005
A definition used to communicate the sensory perceptions of food. Used mainly by po'folks.
"The soup that eats like a meal."-Campbells Chunky Soup ad

"It eats like candy".-A poorly educated person commenting to me on the sweetness of a cantaloupe.
by froze2death February 04, 2005
Fluids produced during the decomposition process.
"The body bag leaked jyl during the ride from the crime scene to the coroner's office."
by froze2death February 18, 2005

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