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The unjust keeping down of others by force... in today's and past societies people were opressed by RACISM as well as violence. One of the main factors of oppresion is human nature and it's regulation...?
the oppression of a people by a tyrant during a monarchy along with the oppression of blacks during the times of slavery
#racism #stereotypes #bias #prejudice #human nature
by Regina1 August 01, 2006
Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn't mean it has to change.
Oppression is using your position as an anchor on a cable news show to assert that an imaginary, gift-giving elf modeled after a Christian saint from Turkey is white in order to prevent people from being more inclusive. -daily show
#racism #structural inequality #bias #white privilege #power #persecution #suppression #daily show
by kappavgk December 19, 2013
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