Not getting your balls smashed in
That was a really fun tv programme!
by Mrs Kensington February 03, 2010
anything you do on your own will rather than being forced to do it
fun fun fun fun fun fun
by im in hell June 25, 2005
playing Twister while hungover
oh my god, this game is so fun
by dollygirl17 April 14, 2009
FUN is an acronym for frivolous unburdened nookie
My girlfriend and I decided we would buy all the food and drink required to see us through to Monday on Friday. Once we had done all the shopping we would head straight home, unpack the shopping and put it away. We would then take the phone off the hook, switch off our mobiles and have fun all weekend until the time came to get upto get ready to go to work on Monday morning.
by St. Ias November 07, 2005
A verb meaning to have fun.
I fun all the time.

He was funning in the street.

We funned at the park yesterday.

He had funned, but he never funs anymore, now that he has entered graduate school.

The funning homeless man was arrested for indecent exposure.

Do not fun. Funning is strictly prohibited.

He funned the computer game.
by Aaron UofM February 20, 2008
The act of engaging in raunchy sexy passionate foreplay. Secret Code so parents or friends dont know what your really engaging yourself in.
Hey cayla you wanna come back to my house and have fun?
by Ryon Smilson October 06, 2010
The band which consists of Jack Antonoff (Guitar and Drums), Nate Ruess (Lead Vocals) and Andrew Dost (Keyboard, Piano, other stuff). They have two albums; Aim and Ignite (2009), Some Nights (2012). Their current touring members are Nate Harold , Emily Moore, and Will Noon. Many people only know the two songs, Some Nights and We Are Young... but that's because that's all by fun. they play and many fun.atics think that's not right.
Guy: Hey, dude! Who are you listening to?
Dude: Oh I'm just listening to fun..
Guy: Oh! I've heard of them! They have that song, Some Nights right?
Dude: Yeah, but they have more than just that song.
Guy: WHHHHAAAATTT!!?!?!?!!?!!!? THEY DO??!?!?

After Guy listens to Take Your Time...

Guy: O. M. G. I LOVE FUN.
Dude: I know right! They have that effect on people
by FUN.ATIC June 29, 2013

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