Used to describe a friend who is unattractive and/or fat when asked whether he/she is hot or not.
Sally: Sorry, I already have a boyfriend. My friend Rachel is single though.

Bill: Is she hot?

Sally: She's... fun.
by Dranzz April 20, 2011
drunk driving a race car at 350 mph directly through 10000 people having

a mass orgy ritual while taking a shit and watching their naked mangled bodies fly

through the air at mach 5
i had fun eating a gold covered shit sandwitch given to me on presidents day
by superiorbreed April 15, 2015
Fun- when someone or something is overjoyed 😄

A band called Fun that sung carry on which was top on the charts🎤
Omg I'm having so much fun at Disney

Dude I'm going to see fun tonight you wanna come
by Giggles March 29, 2015
Basically sex.
His parents were away so I slept round his house. It was just us. We watched a film, lit some candles, undressed, and had some good sex. I bent over and he shoved his massive 12 inch cock up the rear. He then pushed me onto the bed and started sucking my tits. I rolled him over, he lay on his back, fully hard and I bounced up and down on his dick. I cummed all over his chest and licked it all up I love this guy. He's a fuckin beast when it comes to sex. I also sucked his cock for three hours straight, during which he cummed into my mouth 46 times, boy I'm good at this blow job shit. After giving him a joyful and playful tit wank, we wrestled naked and then his dick "accidentally" slipped into my vagina and we had more fun fucking.
by i_am_cool98 April 18, 2011
on the Gorillaz-Unofficial Mb, users write f.un because if they type in "fun", the word filter will automatically change it to fuck.

can also be written fu.n, fu*n, f~un.. etc.
User 1: why do you guys always put dots in the word fuck?
User 1: oh.
User 2: f.un times
by little-mouse July 07, 2010
The act of going to adolescent psychology for your best friend, Hopper.
Hey Christian, wanna do something fun?
by Bright Noa November 29, 2011
Fantastically, unbelievably, NAUGHTY!
Kelly Jones is the definition of the word FUN. Seriously...look it up!
by ninjaleprechaun June 17, 2010
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