on the Gorillaz-Unofficial Mb, users write f.un because if they type in "fun", the word filter will automatically change it to fuck.

can also be written fu.n, fu*n, f~un.. etc.
User 1: why do you guys always put dots in the word fuck?
User 1: oh.
User 2: f.un times
by little-mouse July 07, 2010
Fantastically, unbelievably, NAUGHTY!
Kelly Jones is the definition of the word FUN. Seriously...look it up!
by ninjaleprechaun June 17, 2010
exciting! joyous! enjoyable to do!
oh boy a ball! lets have fun!
by newstuff February 17, 2005
A buzzword used by people who can't come up with a valid and solid point for their choice of source of entertainment.
"Yeah whatever dude. I don't care if you think MW3 sucks. I'm having fun with it!"
by Miba November 13, 2011
noun. A difficult assessment.
Student: Mr. Stine, is this assessment a quiz or a test?

Teacher: It doesn't matter what you call it they are both weighed the same. You could call it a fun. Yeah! Lets call it a fun!
by physics kid 491 January 16, 2012
blackman:wat the fuck does that mean
whiteboy:Fuck U Nigger
blackman:*shoots him*
by yoyo26 January 11, 2009
adj. when something is both what you would like to do and something that makes you happy but not necessarily enjoyable.
Golly. Drawing those squares sure was fun - but that doesn't necessarily mean I enjoyed it.
by Definitely not Andrew January 11, 2013

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