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The act of going to adolescent psychology for your best friend, Hopper.
Hey Christian, wanna do something fun?
by Bright Noa November 29, 2011
2 2
A buzzword used by people who can't come up with a valid and solid point for their choice of source of entertainment.
"Yeah whatever dude. I don't care if you think MW3 sucks. I'm having fun with it!"
by Miba November 13, 2011
5 5
Brian is the fun.
by bs_2689 May 02, 2011
4 4
on the Gorillaz-Unofficial Mb, users write f.un because if they type in "fun", the word filter will automatically change it to fuck.

can also be written fu.n, fu*n, f~un.. etc.
User 1: why do you guys always put dots in the word fuck?
User 1: oh.
User 2: f.un times
by little-mouse July 07, 2010
3 3
Fantastically, unbelievably, NAUGHTY!
Kelly Jones is the definition of the word FUN. Seriously...look it up!
by ninjaleprechaun June 17, 2010
5 5
Something that is AWESOME almost deadly cool great and did i say AWESOME?
Stranger: I love fun!
You: Oh ya i bet i love fun more than you!
* stranger rides roller coaster and vomits.*
* you ride a dragon while standing and throw up 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 times*
You won the contest.
by Dashing Soul Curly Hair October 18, 2013
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adj. when something is both what you would like to do and something that makes you happy but not necessarily enjoyable.
Golly. Drawing those squares sure was fun - but that doesn't necessarily mean I enjoyed it.
by Definitely not Andrew January 11, 2013
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