Clearly something that you arent having if you're searching it on here.
Guy one: Wanna go to a party tonight?
Guy two: NO!
Guy one: WHY?!
Guy two: Because I'm looking for fun on the interent.
by Mechgeek May 24, 2010
Actually a pretty awesome band.
They're made up of Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff.
A lot of people are really quick to judge them because of Some Nights and We are Young.
But really, there's so much more to fun., like their '09 album, Aim and Ignite.
Even if you aren't in to "mainstream" music, I'm sure these boys will have a song or two that will make your feels explode.
Hey man, Some nights is so gay.

Maybe but have you heard Walking the Dog?

Wow this is actually a great song! I'm sorry for judging fun.!
by kate ruess April 20, 2013
Something you must not be having right now if you're searching the web for it.
This isn't any fun . . . let's go online . . .
by satisfaction_1231 November 07, 2008
Literally anything.
Man: "Hey fun babe, wanna go have some fun with the fun man at the fun place?"

Woman: "Stop following me."
by supercoolmattb December 10, 2009
an expression 2 express ANY emotion(simple as that!)

Can also be used when there is no answer 2 what a person just said
1-'i bought a new coat'

2-'i'm going to the shop'

3-'i have lice'

by Me?? February 07, 2006
Fucking Useless Nonsense. A word to describe an activity which gets nothing done but is entertaining.
I was on haveing some fun. Now I'm going to fail class because I dident do my homework.
by Viral Infection September 13, 2008
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