Creating enjoyment and excitement all at once.
Baseball is fun, even if you are awful at it.

Quoting SpongeBob on is not fun. Those who do it should stop.
by Rodney Basil May 20, 2004
An indie pop/rock band based in New York. The members are: Nate Ruess (from The Format), Andrew Dost (from Anathallo) and Jack Antonoff (from Steel Train), there are some touring members too (Jon Goldstien, Rob Kroehler, Nate Harold, Maggie Malyn, Emily Moore and Michael Newstead).

They have one full length album, 2009's Aim and Ignite.

They have toured with Jack's Mannequin and Paramore.

Their current label is Fueled by Ramen.
Their name is usually styled as fun. but sometimes just Fun.
Did you hear fun.'s song "Walking the Dog?
by Pen Rua August 18, 2010
1. A source of amusement, joy or pleasure. Something that will make you go "wheeeeeeeeee" with your hands in the air.


3. Something that I don't have enough of.
Being broke, going to college, having responsibility after responsibility takes away time to have fun. And you will end up being one of those people that when you do do something fun, you will act out the worst making other people look at you and say "She don't get out much."
by twistedbabydoll September 10, 2007
A band consisting of Nate Ruess, Jack Antonoff, and Andrew Dost (with touring members Will Noon, Nate Harold, and Emily Moore). They have two albums, Some Nights and Aim and Ignite. Their music will touch you in places you didn't know you had.
I just listened to The Gamber by fun. and I might cry.
by alltheprettygirlsonatusday December 30, 2012
brushing your teeth in the shower, and getting tooth paste all over your body causing your skin to feel minty fresh.
hold on, I'm gonna go have fun in the shower!
by brah ; ] January 14, 2008
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