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Basically sex.
His parents were away so I slept round his house. It was just us. We watched a film, lit some candles, undressed, and had some good sex. I bent over and he shoved his massive 12 inch cock up the rear. He then pushed me onto the bed and started sucking my tits. I rolled him over, he lay on his back, fully hard and I bounced up and down on his dick. I cummed all over his chest and licked it all up I love this guy. He's a fuckin beast when it comes to sex. I also sucked his cock for three hours straight, during which he cummed into my mouth 46 times, boy I'm good at this blow job shit. After giving him a joyful and playful tit wank, we wrestled naked and then his dick "accidentally" slipped into my vagina and we had more fun fucking.
by i_am_cool98 April 18, 2011
A sexy beast who is smart, courageous, has gorgeous blue eyes and has a fit six pack. You can't get much better huggers, kissers, and sex partners than a Charlie.
Charlie kissed me real good before he shoved his cock up my wet vagina. I licked his six pack and demanded he eat me out, which he did. I FUCKING LOVE CHARLIE. His blond hair swishes in the wind, and his deep blue eyes are so seductive. He's mine forever. xxxxxx
by i_am_cool98 April 18, 2011
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