To psychologically mush someone. To convey an instinctive disrespect of someone through consise speech and/or body language.
Situation (From the movie "Higher Learning"): Two new dormmates, fudge (tough black guy) and Remy (timid white guy). Fudge blasts loud music while Remy is trying to study.

Remy: "How would you feel if you had this hard ass class to study for while I was blasting my music.

Fudge: "I wouldn't feel shit because that wouldn't happen."

Remy: "Why not?"

Fudge: "Cause I'd whip your ass, that's why."

Fudge kicks his feet up as his friend drinks one of Remy's waters and Remy doesn't do a thing about it but take his bag and study outside. The disrespect was clear and efficiently established.
by Psychological mush June 09, 2010
Larne-ish for Sex
Also generally used in all situations to replace the word Fuck
Fancy some fudge? sex
You're A Fudgeing fucking Whore!!!
by fudgemaster001 August 16, 2010
if you recive gcse results that spell this word then you will probably live on state benefits, and or are called shaniqua or dave.
"hey look i can spell fudge with my results"
"awwww, heres a 5er for the rest of your life."
by masonboy August 14, 2008
Someone so gay they dont deserve the entire insult of being called a "Fudge Packer"

Can be shortened to "Udge" if nessisary.
"I just caught Gonzo watching Ally McBeal... What a Fudge"
by Ice 9 March 03, 2008
An acronym for a girl who is all of the following:
Fat, Ugly, Disgusting, Gross, Eww.
holy shit that girl was fat ugly disgusting and gross, fucking EWWW. yea she was F.U.D.G.E.
by BallerMattB September 15, 2005
a term used for a black person who is really dark black and using black just wont cut it.
kevin garnette is a fudge
by thefiness November 04, 2010
Another word for poop, crap, shit, feces, stool.
Remember the old childs rhyme?
Milk, milk, lemonade, this is where the fudge is made.

As the child points to their nipples, crotch and then butt.

Billy: "Hey where ya going Dick?"
Dick: "I'm gonna make some fudge."
Billy: "Oh, Yum!"
Dick: "Yea, you don't wanna eat my fudge."
by wouldpecker October 07, 2010

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