a guy who has bluish-greenish eyes, hes hella hot and a god in bed. refered to as a sexy beast. he is also really athletic in sports and he could last forever. girls fall easy for him but he's hard to get! definitly not gay! oh and he loves to party and always is fun if ur around him...
hot fudge sundae with a cherry on the top
by hotfudgesundae March 07, 2009
wet, soupy, poop
Mark- ew!
Jeff- what?
Mark- there's sum !fudge! in your toilet.
Jeff- oh shit!
by gahh_nikk July 10, 2008
Its the same as fucking, but in the asshole instead of the pussy
Carl rather fudge a girl, than fuck one
by Brian699600 June 15, 2008
Another word for Harry Potter!
Fudge, can i borrow your nimbus 3000?
by alya January 22, 2007
1. embarrassing slang used by pussys whom don't have the balls to say FUCK
bob: "aww fudge!"
jim: you're a douche
by .......................... April 29, 2007
An offensive term for an indian person who thinks their black
Look at that piece of fudge with them crackers!
by mike gamman January 14, 2007
fuck also see:sugar
These fudgin wiggas is ready for a whuppin

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