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An adjective used to describe how a woman looks in her attire. A reference to the supposition that a woman has a very juicy - or well lubricated - vagina and would be an extremely thrilling sexual partner.
Noel: "Look at the way Heather's shorts are being vaginally consumed."
Scott: "No fucking kidding. She looks SOooooo gooey!"
#gorgeous #delicious #sexy #sex #vagina #pussy #woman #beautiful woman #sexy woman
by psiscott April 10, 2006
Drunken and/or high state of mind. Refers to mind being in a gooey like state such as goo being gooey nigga.
When someone asks, "you trying to get gooey nigga?" They are asking if you want to get fucked up beyond recognition, drunk, and/or blazed out ya mind!
#gooey #high #drunk #hammered #goo
by J. Brown C. May 03, 2010
The sound teenage wankmonsters make at the point of climax.
*fap* *fap* *fap*

Zade: "Goo-"

Zade's mother: "What's going on?!"

Zade: "Nothing! *Eeeeeeee-"

Zade's mother: "What's that noise?"

Zade: "What noise? *Eeeeeeeeeeeeey!"

Zade's mother: "Did you just gooey!!?"

*Awkward silence*
#goo #gooey #goey #goooey #gooe
by Lanky-Jack November 02, 2009
A person who has a drug addled brain. Usually one who indulges in too many psychotropics. Brain is currently in a "goo" state--not to be confused with the Sonic Youth album Goo.
Me in back of dad's pick'em up truck: "Look at that guy!"

Sister: "You look like uh Gooey!!"

Dad: *SMACK*
#acid #lsd #shrooms #ketamine #ecstasy
by Hullabaloo July 15, 2006
A more humorous word for semen.
After a night of boofing, Gandaulf got gooey in Frodo`s pooey.
by Renal Ultrasound March 25, 2003
a girl that is hot, with a nice body
That girl was gooey, I'd hit that.
#hot #gorgeous #gooey #sexy #cute
by JJtizzleyy April 02, 2007
OMFG ub3r CoD noob. omg i hate him, what a spangetard boOnstar, he suXXors t3h big 11111
OMg goo3y You Big Noob 11!!!11
by Daniel Mitchell January 07, 2005
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