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2 definitions by wouldpecker

A question asked to another person.
Meaning: Are you having sexual intercourse?
Usually used to humiliate someone else you believe to be a virgin or going through a dry spill.
Bubba: "Hey Dick, ya getting any?"
Dick: "With your momma!"
A fight breaks out.
by wouldpecker October 07, 2010
Another word for poop, crap, shit, feces, stool.
Remember the old childs rhyme?
Milk, milk, lemonade, this is where the fudge is made.

As the child points to their nipples, crotch and then butt.

Billy: "Hey where ya going Dick?"
Dick: "I'm gonna make some fudge."
Billy: "Oh, Yum!"
Dick: "Yea, you don't wanna eat my fudge."
by wouldpecker October 07, 2010