Slang used by students to describe their report card grades and that they received a "D" or lower in all their classes.
Dude 1: How were your grades?
Dude 2: I got fudge.
by toast455 June 24, 2005
Replacement word for the profanity "fuck", used by vintage lifestylists to make fun of the old censorship laws
Ah, fudge, I dropped my pencil
by $ally August 04, 2007
a phrase that is a little bit nicer then saying FUCK.
Ah Fudge! I burnt the meatloaf...
by LiL MuRR August 14, 2006
if you can spell this word with your gcse results, then you will probably live the rest of your life on state benefits.
person 1:"ha i can spell fudge with my reults"
person 2:"what are you going to do about it"
person 1:"whatdya mean people will have to employee me with a funny word in my gcse results."
person 2: *shakes head and walks away*
by spazmandemz August 15, 2008
Very tasty chocolate like treat.
That stuff that comes out of your butt tastes absolutely NOTHING like fudge!
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
A last minute substitute word. It is used most commonly when one catches ones self about to drop an f bomb within ear shot of small children. The "fu" sound of this word is generally drawn out as this is the initial period in which the realization of the mistake is made. People with slower reflexes will sometimes utter a similar word: "fuck-udge..."
1. Little kid: "Can you read me a story?"

Randy: "Sure." Grabs book "Once upon a time.... aw fuuu...udge, i just got a paper cut..."

2. Parent: "This is my kid, Brady."

Tim: Notices that small child has a swastika tattoo "what the fuck-udge...."

Parent: "What was that?"

Tim: "Fudge... i said fudge..."
by whattheface July 08, 2011
short, elvin, pudgy outsized character known for having a flair for exaggeration; named after Keebler E.L. Fudge cookies.
Do you feel fudge?
Fudge told me his dad has a S-Class.
by Fudgester August 06, 2010
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