short, elvin, pudgy outsized character known for having a flair for exaggeration; named after Keebler E.L. Fudge cookies.
Do you feel fudge?
Fudge told me his dad has a S-Class.
by Fudgester August 06, 2010
when your parents don't let you say f***
"Ah fudge your coffee spilled on me FUDGE YOU!!"
by Kiki wilso October 22, 2008
What lame 11 year olds say instead of fuck, it is used when your mad, but in polite company such as the pope.
fudge! I have a brain tumor and have three weeks left to live!
by Willtreme May 11, 2007
what you say when you know you are totally screwed.
Ehhh, fudge, you mean its seriously due tomorrow?
by Carleigh135 February 22, 2010
To stretch the truth, or to deliberately not reveal the full story/truth behind something.
I fudged a few details on the application form
by ZuluAU August 02, 2006
Replacement for the "F" word (Fuck)
O Fudge i did it again
by SxyBabe April 18, 2008
a kind of really creamy chocolate that is good with banana splits! :P its kinda gooey and sticky
also a word that is used as a cover up for the word "f***"
what the fudge is the matter with you?
by drop_of_rain December 13, 2010

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