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when your parents don't let you say f***
"Ah fudge your coffee spilled on me FUDGE YOU!!"
by Kiki wilso October 22, 2008
4 1
A last minute substitute word. It is used most commonly when one catches ones self about to drop an f bomb within ear shot of small children. The "fu" sound of this word is generally drawn out as this is the initial period in which the realization of the mistake is made. People with slower reflexes will sometimes utter a similar word: "fuck-udge..."
1. Little kid: "Can you read me a story?"

Randy: "Sure." Grabs book "Once upon a time.... aw fuuu...udge, i just got a paper cut..."

2. Parent: "This is my kid, Brady."

Tim: Notices that small child has a swastika tattoo "what the fuck-udge...."

Parent: "What was that?"

Tim: "Fudge... i said fudge..."
by whattheface July 08, 2011
4 2
What lame 11 year olds say instead of fuck, it is used when your mad, but in polite company such as the pope.
fudge! I have a brain tumor and have three weeks left to live!
by Willtreme May 11, 2007
27 25
what you say when you know you are totally screwed.
Ehhh, fudge, you mean its seriously due tomorrow?
by Carleigh135 February 22, 2010
2 1
Replacement for the "F" word (Fuck)
O Fudge i did it again
by SxyBabe April 18, 2008
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a kind of really creamy chocolate that is good with banana splits! :P its kinda gooey and sticky
also a word that is used as a cover up for the word "f***"
what the fudge is the matter with you?
by drop_of_rain December 13, 2010
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Larne-ish for Sex
Also generally used in all situations to replace the word Fuck
Fancy some fudge? sex
You're A Fudgeing fucking Whore!!!
by fudgemaster001 August 16, 2010
2 3