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Used first in Bridget Jones' Diary, it has now become a synonym for the mindgames men play when dating. It can also be applied to women in rare cases.
It can be preceded by "emotional" to make it about manipulating emotions or just plain "fuckwittage"
Girl 1: Oh Dan said he loved me but he's not ready for a relationship
Girl 2: That's just emotional fuckwittage. Get out of the relationship!
by m December 05, 2004
One who screws with people's emotions.
When person C asks out person L while person T is going out with C, Person C is emotional fuckwittage.
by Michelle October 02, 2003
A generic term for the rants and behaviour of a fuckwit.

(A fuckwit being a stupid person who is generally disliked, as a result of his/her actions/behaviour).
Look, I really haven't got time for your fuckwittage, mate.
by Juicy@thepub June 18, 2004
A word that acts as a means of measuring the degree to which a person is (or is perceived to be) a fuckwit.
"Serious fuckwittage" Bridget said loudly.
"Yeah" agreed Shaz, "that guy's buried himself in his own fuckwittage."
by anycon June 23, 2003
the sort of thing men do because they are too proud/stupid/male to say what they mean/ask for help, etc.
He ended up with pants two sizes too big due to general fuckwittage.
by mazareen February 10, 2010
A word the meaning of is only known to one person in the town of crewe... though most of the residents have heard it.
Used to break an uncomfortable silence or to annoy old people.
*points a random* FUCKWITTAGE!
by kylek01 April 12, 2007
Something that doesn't really matter, junk. Can also be used to exclaim anger or frusteration at something. It is a form of fuckwit.
"This is all just a bunch of fuckwittage." "Fuckwittage! I locked my keys in my car!"
by Molly February 22, 2004
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