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by M January 06, 2003
Acronym for Erotic Female Relieving Observerance. A very common fetish involving watching women fart, pee and poop, yet not in a hardcore/scat way. See www.joyangeles.com, best example of an EFRO site.
If you see a woman doing a crap in the bushes and are turned on by it then you are probably into EFRO.
by m November 10, 2004
wuss, wimp, someone who is easily scared or avoids dangerous situations
That Candy Ass won't go skydiving with us.
by m November 07, 2003
potent strand of weed, the fake kind is often laced with PCP
smoke that haze
by M February 28, 2003
Sexually attractive, see hot.
Damn! He's hott!
by m December 07, 2003
Cox high school is a place where, if you're a girl, it's all about what size pants you wear (preferrably size 0 if you want to be cool), what size boobs you have (preferrably a full C or D if you want any guys), and how many older guys you've dated. For guys, on the other hand, it's all about what kind of skate shoes you have, how low you wear you pants, and how many girls' virginity you have taken. Cox is quite possibly the most superficial place on the planet. Everyone walks around with their noses in the air, ESPECIALLY if we're at another school for an away football game for example. Cox will come there invading the hell out of that turf (even though our football team sucks). We still think we run shop wherever we go. There are maybe 2 ugly cars in the parking lot, IF THAT. Everyone drives a nice vehicle, and you see all of these same cars at 81st street everyday at 12:20 when the seniors get out. To sum it all up, Cox is full of rich, snobby, white, blonde-headed little beach kids who think they're on the O.C. But it's damn fun and it taught my ass how to party.
We had an away football game at Green Run and somebody got shot. Serves our snobby asses right for trotting into that sketchball school acting like hot shit.
by M March 08, 2005
1. A Large Penis, with the shaft appearing to be the "arm" and the head the "apple"
Look at the size of that cock! It looks like a baby's arm holding an apple!
by M February 04, 2005
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