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1: The process of changing something, such as a material. Often used in fine arts and design.

2: What people who are no better than shitty little school bullies are doing to others in order to have their way and gain control. Pretty much another form of brainwashing.
"Clara was manipulating the clay into the shape of a bowl"

"Max was manipulating the others into believing that his ex was a bitch, despite the fact that she had done nothing wrong, as a means of gaining power and control over his friends because he was insecure about himself"

"He was manipulating his 'girlfriend' into falling for him and feeling sympathy for him, when actually he didn't care about her or her feelings and was merely playing her for a fool; he wanted to get away with crashing at her place without paying the rent and leach her cash off of her because he couldn't be fucked to take responsibility for himself."

Ellie: "How has she not seen that he's manipulating her into giving him money and a place to stay! Jesus"

Fiona: "I know, he did the exact same thing to me, except he just fucked me over and decided it would be a good idea to cheat on me with her once I found out. It's a good thing I did find out really."

Ellie: "Yeah I heard he has a reputation for targeting girls who like him....."
by Fluffnugget April 24, 2015
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