2 definitions by Juicy@thepub

A generic term for the rants and behaviour of a fuckwit.

(A fuckwit being a stupid person who is generally disliked, as a result of his/her actions/behaviour).
Look, I really haven't got time for your fuckwittage, mate.
by Juicy@thepub June 18, 2004
Idiots who think they're cute, use this as a substitute for the word 'Love', but really they're just not brave enough to say it, or they don't love the other party.

Why would you use this? Why? Why?

If you don't love 'em, don't try to pretend that you do.
I'm not even going to use an example. I feel that it would be degrading to my own personality. And I can spell.
by Juicy@thepub June 17, 2004

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