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35 definitions by anycon

(n.) What goes on at Harvard. See Harvard.
A Harvard University report last spring complained of grade inflation that makes it easier to get high grades. Now the academic dean, Susan Pedersen, has released data showing that 49 percent of undergraduate grades were A's in 2001, up considerably from 23 percent in 1986.
by anycon September 18, 2005
The principal etymological precursor of the word 'cunt', found in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
The fires brenne upon the auter cleere,
Whil Emelye was thus in hir preyere;
But sodeynly she saugh a sighte queynte,
For right anon oon of the fyres queynte,
And quyked agayn, and after that anon
That oother fyr was queynt and al agon;
And as it queynte, it made a whistelynge
As doon thise wete brondes in hir brennynge;
And at the brondes ende out ran anon
As it were blody dropes many oon;
For which so soore agast was Emelye
That she was wel ny mad, and gan to crye;
For she ne wiste what it signyfied.
by anycon October 02, 2004
A fusion of the already very expressive words twat and wanker to describe a peculiar, even unique, kind of contemptibleness found in those who are both stubborn and awkward, awkward and stubborn.
'You fucking twanker Matthew.'
by anycon December 23, 2004
netslang contraction of legend or legendary
Mostyn is such a lej.
by anycon May 25, 2006
1. (adj.) Rather good.
2. (adj.) Excellent or superb.
3. (adv.) = 'super-duperly'.
I say Johnny my man that corn was supadupa!
by anycon September 17, 2005
(v.) to break in, as one would a virgin (chiefly anal).
D'you wanna dog out my five point oh (5.0)? -Ali in 'Bully'
by anycon November 16, 2004
The entry above omits to mention the adjectival form, 'chavish', which describes a person or thing with distinctly chavvy or chavesque characteristics.
Burberry and Vicky Pollard (from the telly) are chavish.
by anycon September 17, 2005