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no style,bad attitude,sloppy,grungy,dont care about their appearance
Look at brunos frumpy ass dressed in those jakety clothes.
by pablo ramirez January 28, 2009
adj; clothing style that usually consists of bagging, careless slothing i.e. sweatpants, large baggy t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.
i woke up late so i dressed frumpy today.
by ergoegro February 17, 2008
A vampire-penguin who lives in antartica. He is a hybrid of his penguin mother, and his vampire bat father. When he was born, he was always different. His clan rejected him for being different, So they shunned him away to a castle on the highest cliff in antartica. Years went by and Frumpy became cold and homicidal. Then news spread of the death of his family. Frumpy went on a violent rage and murdered the rest of his tribe. He now lurks in the snow-searching for revenge.
Little boy-"Papa can we go outside, to play in the snow?"

Old Man-"No, stay indoors. Frumpy might catch you and slit your throat."
by JOHdarko7 March 24, 2009
A female with lack of concern for appearance. Often characterized by sweatpants, frizzy hair, gramma panties and a paisty complexion.
Bitch. I don't pay you to dress all frumpy. Now go put on some heels and do with something that hair.
by Elroy Fitz January 31, 2004
To be F***ing grumpy.
Stop being frumpy, you're making me feel bad.
by izzilicious June 12, 2014
A woman that is generally sloppy in appearance, smell, and purveys a uniquely obtrusive personality. When alcohol is involved the frumpyness of the subject is thought to increase 10 fold, and people unfortunately associated with said subject will produce almost any excuse to vacate the local vicinity.
Man...who keeps inviting her around? Melitha is SO frumpy. Seriously, I could smell that dragon breath coming from a mile away, and why is she dressed like Kanye West?!
by ChuckNasty89 February 25, 2011
Someone (most often female) who isn't overweight, but considerably out of shape. Like if your ass eats your pants when you walk, or your stomach folds over the rim of your pants.
"Her ass is way too frumpy for those white pants."
by Trista September 16, 2004