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A whiny kid or a grown man who will die of stress or something related
As a kid Milder is a cry baby always wants what he wants or else he cries

Might have a mental problem
Milder:hi guys can i have that shirt
jap:No sorry
Milder:be like that we arnt friends

Jap:fine take it
by Justinelove123 March 06, 2016

A person lacking friends and or little to no social interactions. A milder is also someone who is tall and sluggish and have yet to loose their virginity and have had no affectionate interactions with a female. For example, kissing, making out, blow jobs, fingering.....etc. basically a milder is a unsocial, sluggish, tall, virgin with no ambition in life and will go no where in life.
That kid was sitting next to me all year, I didn't even know he went to school here. What a milder.

He's 17 and a virgin with no friends, what a milder.
by Grand master Lockwood January 25, 2016
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