The acronym stands for 'as fuck.'
That dinner was good AF.

Translation: That dinner was good as fuck.
by Mr McDownage October 10, 2011
abbreviation for "as fuck". typically used as an adjective.
John: Its 4 in the afternoon, and Will is still sleeping.
Jake: Dude, he's lazy a'f.
by GetOffYourLazyFatAssAndWorkout December 24, 2011
Abbreviation of "As Fuck" be sure to use an apostrophe because you'll confuse people whose initials are A.F.
Guy 1: You're sleep af

Girl 1: is that as Fuck or are you using my initials ?
Guy 1: As Fuck why would I use your initials stupid girl.
by nonewfriendsnononoo June 25, 2014
af stands for as fuck. Some people say asf but they are retarded so its af not asf
Im hungry af! Its cold af! Youre stupid af! Im bored af! That guys creepy af
by Rebecca Daviesss November 08, 2014
1. anti-flag, an anarchist punk band.
2. anti-flag's record label.
"Hey, visit, it's awesome.."
by afi March 09, 2004
The retarded way of saying "as fuck". It is an annoying acronym that mostly ignorant teenagers use. In my opinion, it is stupid AS FUCK. It shouldn't be too hard to type out two words.
Dumb ass: That party last night was bomb af'
Intelligent asshole: What the hell is af?
by asshole:) August 13, 2012
A phoenitic blunder in pronouncing the word Ass.
Yo' Stal, dat dime pief ova der got a big AAAAAAAf
by Don Jaime October 15, 2003

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