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The acronym stands for 'as fuck.'
That dinner was good AF.

Translation: That dinner was good as fuck.
by Mr McDownage October 10, 2011
abbreviation for "as fuck". typically used as an adjective.
John: Its 4 in the afternoon, and Will is still sleeping.
Jake: Dude, he's lazy a'f.
by GetOffYourLazyFatAssAndWorkout December 24, 2011
af stands for as fuck. Some people say asf but they are retarded so its af not asf
Im hungry af! Its cold af! Youre stupid af! Im bored af! That guys creepy af
by Rebecca Daviesss November 08, 2014
Means 'as fuck' and is used to clarify things. You can also use it as the word 'very' or 'really'. Mostly used online or in text messages.
1) I'm really tired; I'm tired af
2) I ship them so hard, I'm (shipname) af
3) He won't stop poking me, he's annoying af.
by BruhBiatchh March 11, 2015
We already had OMG, LOL, and WTF, but 2014 brought about a new acronym that was popularized thanks to texting and online chatting. Abbreviating "as fuck" as AF has been happening for a while, but it was never actually spoken aloud as much as 2014. Some pronounce it "A Eff" and others simply "af."
"I'm hungry as fuck" =Old word
"I'm hungry AF" = New word
by John abuzi November 10, 2015
The acronym stands for 'as fuck.'
I am Muke af

Translation: I am Muke as fuck
by Huke_Lemmings January 11, 2016
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