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Hooking up with a frump. Like hogging, but with a bagger or butterface instead of a fat chick. Making it with an ugly or homely girl; screwing a frumpet.
Don went frumping last night and he hooked up with a total Cleveland Brown - she looked nice from the neck down, but she was pretty ugly above the shoulders.
by PMax March 09, 2008
The attitude that often comes with Frump. Frumppy girls usually have bad attitudes, make gross frump faces of being upset(typically pursing/curling the lips the frumpier the state) and speak with a nasal tone which increases with level of frump. Frump can be used for girls and guys.
John: Why is Janice frumping to hard today?
Jill: She got a D on Calc, so she is frumping a little more than usual.
by not DMillz December 30, 2008
The act of smelling a females bike seat after frequent sweaty use.
Drew went frumping around the local park.
by Ted_Nugent August 13, 2009
(verb) A sexual act performed by two persons with a combined weight of over 400 pounds.
"Did you hear Andrew frumping that chick he met at ATO last night?"
"Ya shit was nasty, I was afraid the bed would break"
by 215man September 10, 2009
When an overweight person crumps.
Geez, I sure enjoyed frumping last night. Now, pass me that bucket of fried chicken.
by SoYouThinkYouCan'tDance? January 02, 2010
A cross between frowning and pouting.
All right! I'll bang you, you can stop frumping now!
by hop1pop October 15, 2010
The act in which a female slaps her face with her own breasts
Susie was frumping and almost put out an was hot
by Redda November 08, 2007
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