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A tool one can use when one's friend is drunk off their ass and can't make it to the toilet. Used to Avoid spillage on bed and anyother sensitive item.
I paid all this money for this alcohol and I have to sleep in the f'in bathtub.
by Ryan October 18, 2006
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There is no such thing as a baFtub, u idiots. Say it right...BaTHtub baTH th ttthhhhh!!!!! Bathtub! Uh duh! there is no such thing as a baFFtub!
Bathtub, a common appliance one uses to bath and cleanse oneself in.
by mr. smith December 15, 2003
An ugly boat. Looks like a floating bathtub due to a large ammount of free board. They are noted for their tsunami sized wakes and algae scum lines which resemble soap scum lines on an old wash tub.
Refers to the old freestanding type bathtubs that look like giant oval shaped bowls in the corner of the bathroom. Bathtub type boats appear to sit on top of the water just like bath basins sit atop the floor in a bathroom.
Refers to 99% new boats on the water today. Purchased by suburban yups that know nothing about boats. Such boat buyers tend to equate boat size with boat quality and consequently buy the cheapest, biggest barge that they can locate.
Bayliner, Sea Ray, Four Winns...
"Look at that bathtub my neighbor just bought.
by Zambon June 17, 2005
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