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George W. Bush. He looks like a chimpanzee and is said to have used cocaine back when he was an AWOL alcoholic draft dodger during the Vietnam War.
As soon as Chimpy Cokespoon was inaugurated in 2001, our nation's long period of peace and prosperity was over.
by PMax February 12, 2008
A group of girls with big tits. The opposite of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, which is a group of girls with small tits.
Whoa, look at her huge juggs . . . those are some nice knockers . . . she's jugnormous . . . she could be on the Big Titty Committee.
by PMax March 09, 2008
A hogger; one who has sex with a fat chick; one who plays nail the whale.
Don is a blubbernaut. He did four fatties last semester.
by PMax February 17, 2008
A girl or woman with big tits. A chick who is stacked. Someone who has big jugs.
"Look at her! Those must be D cups, at least."

"Yeah - she's a real bra buster!"
by PMax March 10, 2008
A fat chick or a fatty posse. Derived from the fat girl sorority Omega Mu in the movie Revenge of the Nerds. The Omega Mu plumpers help the nerds such as Takashi, Wormser, Poindexter, Lewis and Gilbert, Lamar Latrell and Booger combat the jocks and cheerleaders and they put on a concert and take control of the campus.
"Look at that big fat fatty in the short skirt and tight, low cut top!"

"What an Omega Mu!"
by PMax February 12, 2008
A girl or woman with big tits.
"Look at her! Those must be D cups, at least."

"Yeah - she's a real brabuster!"

by PMax February 23, 2008
Sexual intercourse. The act of putting one's pickle into another person. Pickle Pierce could refer to knocking boots or booty banging.
Jay wanted to give her a Pickle Pierce but she only let him fondle her breasts.
by PMax February 12, 2008

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