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A woman who is both a frump and a strumpet. A bagger who is a slut. A whore who is also a Cleveland Brown. A butterface who will gladly put out. Frump + strumpet = frumpet.
Amy is such a frumpet. She isn't good looking, but she'll put out for just about any guy.
by PMax March 09, 2008
A brasswind instrument made by Getzen from the 1960s - 1980s that was intended as a cross between a trumpet and a french horn and usually keyed in F (with an Eb tuning slide as well). It was notorious for its tricky intonation.
"That trumpet is huge!"
"Actually, it's a frumpet. Kinda line an alto trumpet, but mellower."
by Mr. Initial Man August 03, 2013
A person to takes a bath and farts or makes a stinky under the water.Than watches the bubbles come up and eats them.
I like being a frumpet while I am in the tub.
by "Gibson" July 26, 2006

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