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a good way to solve problems and watch people beat the crap outta each it works for everybody and its mad funny
Guada is a slap boxing loser to girls cause hes a pussy.
by aaron g im cool October 13, 2005
A way for little pussies to fight without getting hurt. If a person ever asks if you want to slap box, calmly let them get in the first two slaps and then punch them in the face.

Game over.
Tom is a pussy because he slap boxes.
by Seraph November 16, 2004
i think the title is pretty self-explanotry. yay for bad spelling!

so, anyway, slap-boxing is basically when two rather weak people decide instead of tradiontal boxing, they will, instead, slap each other at different parts of their body (crotch up though). no gloves or fancy stuff.
Jill is not the slap boxing champion because she sucks like whoa.
by not corrinn March 06, 2006
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