A word that means half of a friend. They are called fris since half of the word friend spells f-r-i. It can be used as someone who you don't know very well, or someone who you don't like, but have to socialize with.
person1: "so how long have you been friends?

person2: "we're not really friends, we're more like fris"
by mello chelle December 09, 2006
1. A wannabe legend.
2. A fake.
3. A retard.
4. A loser.
5. All of the above.
fris lives in his parent's basement and runs porn sites!
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
Fapping Related Injury
Guy 1: Oh man, have you ever met Susan ? She's so hot!
Guy 2: Ikr! I gave myself an FRI this weekend thinking about her.
by RecedingAxis March 14, 2015
n. A frisbee. see bee

v. To play ultimate frisbee. see ultimate

Popular in white suburbs where everyone sucks at real sports.
Hey, toss me the fris.

Let's fris after school.
by iron iron March 07, 2004
A combo of "friend" and "sister" to be used in a positive, endearing way with a close girlfriend.
Love ya "fris!"
by Lovelylife January 07, 2011
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