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someone who is unhappy and unpleasant
People who are miserable never look at the bright side of things.
by Gerard Irick September 07, 2009
The word for the feeling that we sometimes call depression without the attached social malaise ( ie the need to take medication, go to shrink, talk too much, eat too much etc ).
I'm feeling miserable today, I'll feel better tomorrow.
by millerthegorilla January 24, 2009
Steve or semen sadorkie's Miserable fat dad (with a chode and third nip) who Mike H. named Miserable cause he is the le miserables....:)
Suck it easy Miserable.
by YIKES August 30, 2004
adjective. from the french miserable. used to describe a sad, lonely, loser person who has no friends, and even thier dog ran away because they are such a reject.
George 'dubya' Bush is miserable - even a five year old has a higher IQ.

Other miserable people include Suddam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden, child molesters, and Hitler.

Also see sad
by charlottem1 July 16, 2005
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