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Canada's Giagantic Superweaon,
CN Tower can fire lasers out of the tip of the tower, bouncing off of a satelight mirror in the sky and can hit anywhere in the world at any given time.

the hudsons bay is actually consealing a gigantic solar pannel which absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy which is stored inside the sky dome (rogers center) , which can then be channeled to the CN tower to fire whenever Canada is in a crisis.
The CN Tower is the most powerful weapon on Earth.
by Paddy O'Mally February 09, 2009
A very big tower in Toronto right at the water and has a glass floor for people to walk on.
1. Welcome to Toronto, There is plenty to do here, We can go to Canada's Wonderland, the Zoo and go up the CN tower.

2.When we flew into Toronto we saw a big building, What was it, Was it the CN Tower
by Zack S.378325 July 10, 2006
A sexual act that involves two males and one slampiece (female). One male lies down on his back, his phallus standing towering with pride. The other male stands up, just as tall. The female is in a handstand position above the first/lying down males' phallus, performing oral sex. The standing male holds on to the female by the ankles lifting her up and down, eating her beaver in the process.. alternating between eating poutine and eating beaver of course. Oh Canada!
Bro #1: Bro, my maple syrup is begging to be tasted, I need a slampiece.
Bro #2: Bro, let's find a slampiece to CN Tower! I bet Candy is down!
by thisisproofq May 01, 2011
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