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A book that has garnered the affection of tweenies everywhere; it tells of the neurotic, paranoid relationship between two people. They are both jealous of their rivals and continually try to kill themselves to get out of their boring lives. Neither has much of a personality to speak of though they find one another fascinating, possibly because they have never before met anyone as boring and one dimensional as themselves.
an extract from Twilight:

"Edward, what about ROSALIE?!"
"She means nothing to me, but what about Mike?!"
"Ugh you have nothing to worry about! Please don't try to kill yourself again! I mean, I don't really like Italy, maybe if the Volturi could relocate to Paris?"
"Isabella. I feel as though you are not taking me seriously. Are you shagging Jacob on the side??"
by spacer_ November 21, 2008
"shit, Alice, got any blood plugs? I'm surfing the crimson wave"
by spacer_ July 10, 2008
1. A genuine medical condition, caused by over eating. Symptoms include having fingers so fat you're unable to type correctly, and never ever getting laid.
2. Caused by tiredness and laziness. Not concentrating on typing you make embarrasing typos.

Cannot be abbreviated to ffs.
1. "Christ have you seen Alex's fingers? They're like fuckin sausages!"
"don't be so harsh, he has fat finger syndrome."
2. but wer'e not giong shoippng lvoe!
by spacer_ June 15, 2008
Mis-spelling of have, caused by fat finger syndrome. Now often used anyway, much like teh.
ahve you seen how retarded it looks when you can't even write the word have?

by spacer_ September 08, 2008
The romantic coupling of literary characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.
Bedward-- does no one else find the a lecherous 108 year old virgin lusting after a seventeen-year-old creepy?
by spacer_ October 03, 2008
Abbreviation of miserable.
I get mis when it rains.
by spacer_ October 07, 2008
The misplacement of an apostrophe, resulting in your immediate demotion to the status of complete retard, even if you just had a case of fat fingers and your hand slipped.

Do'nt run, the cow's fell over and thousand's of lemming's are all examples of aspaztrophes.
by spacer_ May 21, 2008
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