When saying "I love you" is just not enough...

F#%*ing Love You!
F.L.Y. so much!
by jacquila November 20, 2011
1. Late 90's one hit wonder band.

2. The way civil engineering technologists spell the word "flies" because they don't understand that fly becomes flies when used in third person form.
Remember that band The Flys? They sang that "Got you where I want you" song! That singer from The Flys really likes airplines, he flys (should be flies) all the time.
by who's high pitch? March 31, 2005
1. As in Fuckin' Love You. A casual sign-off expressed with heavy affection,either written or verbal.
2. Stating Fly indicates ones care,love and honor to another.
3. Regardless of whatever bullshit this world gives us, we still got to love.
4.to express the hate of missing someone so much
5.to appreciate a brother/sister.
Originated by a group of young adults of the National Polytechnic institute of Papua New guinea, they are Better known as the W.A.T (We Are Together) family.
thanks Omega for the steam.Fly!
Im drunk as fuck and i miss you all. Fly!
Ok blood we'll catchup.Fly!
by Uncledon February 17, 2013
the act of completeing a short errand which serves a group purpose by means of mechanical locomotion such as an automobile, motorcycle, or even bicycle, but ironically, not any form of aircraft.
"I'll buy if you FLY."
(i'll buy us (both) pizza, if you retrieve it (resonably quickly)(for us).
by mainframe October 31, 2003
Nstead of that YOLO bullshit
1: Hey man, what are you doing? YOLO!
2: Fuck that YOLO shit, FLY!!
FLY for life.

Before taking a shot, say "FLY"
by ...e.j.f... April 29, 2012
A word which generally means Eff'in Lies. Relating to when somone says an un-real statement or lie.
Joe-Blow: I did a tripple back flip yesterday.
Cosbie: Stop those flies.
Joe-Blow: WHAT?! I R NUT LIE
by Bick-a-chi November 09, 2007
n. Two or more pant zippers.

Plural form of "fly"
Asian girl said, "Hey, let's have clothes-on sex!"
Digitus replied, "Alright!"
They unzipped their flies, Digitus' joystick slowly entered the Asian girl's pussy and started having stand-up sex.
Digitus said, "You're tight!"
The Asian girl moaned, "And you're doing me good!"
As they had raging sex, they heard someone coming towards them.
Digitus said, "Shit! Someone's coming!"
The Asian girl replied, "Thank god for flies!"
They zipped up their flies as the janitor came in. He said, "Why are you sweaty?"
The Asian girl replied, "It's the crappy air-conditioners."
The janitor said, "Yeah, I've gotta go something about that.."
The Asian girl and Digitus left the room.
Digitus whispered to the Asian girl, "Thank god for flies indeed."
The Asian girl laughed as they ran away.
by Digitus August 13, 2005

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