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1. A persons head.
2. A blowjob.
1. That guy just got knocked in the dome!
2. I just got ill dome from that chick next door.
by resk March 01, 2005
Used to describe girls or woman.
Let's hit that club tonight. There's gonna be mad bitties there.
by resk March 01, 2005
2 blunts connected together and rolled for smoking.
You got those phillies? I'm abvout to roll an oowop.
by resk March 02, 2005
Very good, awesome, great.
That party was off the meter.

That girls ass is off the meter.
by resk March 01, 2005
1. To wear or use something.
2. Crack
3. A term used to describe a performance.
1. Why do you always rock that old ass kangol?
2. Look at all those fiends out there smoking that rock.
3. I havent danced in so long but I'll probably rock at the next jam.
by resk March 01, 2005
Short for the word police.
Look out for po over there.
by resk March 01, 2005
Money, loot, cream, cash, income.
I made mad cake off the tips last night.
by resk March 02, 2005

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